Smart Homes By Pride Purple Group In Park Xpress Phase 2 Baner, Pune}

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Submitted by: Makarand Vaidya

Every wants to buy the home as they have painted with imaginations in dreams, which boosts us to map, which provokes us and makes us unique from the others and binds us together. Park Xpress Phase 2 assuredly promises that we will stand to thier words & will fulfill your needs as in best manner as they can. Pride Purple Group is one of the fastest growing hubs in Pune. Buying our own house is not less than achieving one of the dreams, we dreamed for lifelong. This project is all set to ensure the best living experience ever. The quality of the infrastructure itself illustrates the class that improves the way of living life. The township has reached to the peak of capable architecture. It is an attempt to improve your lifestyle. What’s further is that with the clean & fresh weather around, even your daily routine at Park Xpress Phase 2 would surely become unforgettable moments of your life that you want to cherish for the rest of your life.

Whole extend is etched so well with keeping eye on giving more for less. The condo are consolidated with rich conveniences which will transport you joy, solace and smoothness, and provide for you the calm yet alleviating living foundation. With alluring structural planning bringing center thought to detail, the place of your fantasy, here, all the do’s and don’ts of vaastu-shaastra have been dealt with and will finish the abundant desires of a willing purchaser. Park Xpress Phase 2 verifies that for you, on all fronts, more for less will unquestionably be passed on.


Landscaped podium garden

Air-conditioned gymnasium

Swimming pool

YouTube Preview Image

Multipurpose hall

Childrens play area

Multipurpose Court

Party lawn

Jogging Track

Piped gas connection

Garbage disposal system

Fire fighting system

Rainwater harvesting

Automatic elevators

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About the builder:

Pride Purple Group creates living with up to date and ground-breaking approach. They develop confidence, honesty & care in every project which leads to achieve new boundaries. They act with honesty in all our communications with squad, consumers, and their organization. Integrity for them means openly mentioning all the possibilities & prospects, following through on commitments. They always are thankful for thoughtful exactness, which enables them to boost their resources with negligible impact on environment, and balance the keenness of new opportunities with the need to safeguard superiority and strength.

Discounted Flats:

Discounted Flats is the main platform that completely fits to the requirements and desires of our esteemed clients by providing them with right flats with all the amenities at reasonable costs. This has altered the way of thinking of people about the real estate. Many willing buyers from India and from abroad are still relishing recollections of their brand new homes. People are acquiring wealth through our website and are experiencing peaceful lives. We believe in conveying not just mentioning. Keeping all the desires of a willing buyer in mind, we march ourselves towards providing world class services to make our customers proud

About the Author: Author Details:Discounted Flats (Properties in India) is a Pan-India group booking channel, which groups individual property buyers stationed across India. Know more about Park Xpress Phase 2

and Apartments in Baner Annexe


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Tips For Hiring A Roofer In Idaho Falls

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byAlma Abell

If you are thinking of putting a new roof on your home, you may have decided to hire a roofing contractor. But with so many roofers in Idaho, choosing the right one can be testing, especially if it your first time. Knowing what to look for in a Roofer in Idaho Falls makes the process easier.

Experience is obviously the first thing you should look for in a roofer in Idaho. You can be sure that a roofer who has been in the business for a number of years will do a good job. However, you should not just take the roofer’s word for it. You can easily tell if the contractor is experienced, based on the number of projects he has handled and the people he has worked with. Contractors who have installed or repaired roofs for several hundred people definitely knows the ins-and-outs of the job.

Before hiring, it is important to ask for quotes from three or four contractors. You should definitely not hire someone who gives an estimate from his office or truck because he is not someone who is serious about his work. A good contractor will give your roof a thorough assessment before giving a quotation. During the assessment, it is wise for you take note of how the contractor conducts himself. Does he arrive on time? Does he look organized? Is he courteous? Simple things such as his mannerisms can tell you a lot about his professionalism.

Talk to close friends and relatives, as they can give excellent referrals. However, you must not hire a roofer in Idaho simply because he has fine references. Just because he was right for your friend does not mean he is right for you. Maybe you have wood shingles roof and he has no prior experience fixing such a roof.

Does the contractor give a guarantee for his services? A good roofer will be back to fix the roof if it starts leaking a few days after installation or fixing. Moreover, he will do this without charging you extra. Good contractors give a service warranty as a way of protecting their reputation.

There are several important things to look for in a Roofer in Idaho Falls. These are experience, professionalism and service guarantee.

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Diy Guide To Repairing Cracks In Concrete Sidewalks

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DIY guide to repairing cracks in concrete sidewalks by John WentzFlexSet Concrete RepairWhile a flower pushing up through a crack in the sidewalk may be endearing, it’s not safe. Concrete sidewalks are everywhere”homes, schools, businesses, churches, and they are destined to break down. Cracked and broken sidewalks are a tripping hazard, and much as we dont like it, a legal liability. Minor cracks can quickly become a major problem as cracks grow exponentially.Polyurethane products are the simplest and fastest products available to repair concrete walkways. With these easy instructions your concrete walkway repair will be stronger and last longer than with traditional repair methods. For small cracks in your concrete sidewalk, Roklins Concrete Welder in cartridge format is a quick and easy solution. For larger cracks or damage, Roklins concrete repair product FlexSet, comes in a complete package ready to fix concrete sidewalks. With a few simple hand tools, repairs are simple. There is almost no preparation of cracked or damaged concrete. Simply sweep or blow out the damaged area, mix your materials and apply to repair cracked concrete sidewalk.Polyurethane repairs can be done in most any weather. Provided the sidewalk can be dried before you begin, there is no need to worry about temperatures. FlexSet can be ordered with a catalyst for use in cold weather. With Concrete Welder and FlexSet, your concrete sidewalk repair will set up in under an hour regardless of humidity or cold.For Small Cracks: Concrete Welder cartridge, a broom and a straight edge.Smaller or hairline cracks in your concrete sidewalk can be filled simply using a Concrete Welder cartridge. Once the crack is clean and free of moisture, open cartridge and squeeze Concrete Welder directly into the crack. Use a scraper or straight-edge to smooth the material out. Wipe up any excess material and allow to dry for 30 minutes. Now the crack is filled and your concrete sidewalk is ready for use. For Larger Cracks or Damage: FlexSet, a push broom or blower, a drill, a trowel or lute.First ensure that the damaged area is clean and dry. Sweep or blow out cracks so there is no loose debris. Using Roklins FlexSet concrete sidewalk repair product, carefully pour contents of bottle a into provided 5-gallon bucket then add special sand. Next, shake thoroughly and pour bottle b into sand mixture. Mix with an egg-beater style pail mixer, using a drill. When mixture is completely wet, pour FlexSet onto damaged sidewalk and use a trowel or lute to smooth material into cracks. When repair is sufficiently smooth, toss topping sand by hand over repaired area to create a uniform look and feel. Your concrete sidewalk can be ready for pedestrians in about an hour.The author has an experience of 25 years working as a construction contractor and is presently using his experience to help people make the right choice of products. Author recommends Flexset for Concrete Repair. For more articles on Concrete Repair visit his blog on concrete repair guide.Article Source:

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Discover The Worth Of Your Old Lionel Trains Model Trains Collectors Guide

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By Frank Keenan

Are you counting to trade your old Lionel trains? Possibly you have discovered a goldmine at your neighbourhood garage sale! Or possibly you’ve revealed a box in the attic filled with these old Lionel trains. How do you check their worth?

When it gets down to it, their valued, or their selling cost, will look on whatsoever things, not the least of which is how much the buyer is ready to give you to get it. The most affected buyers will course pay more than someone who is not fanatic about it.

The last someone you want to deal your used Lionel train to is one of those someones who post ads saying “I buy trains!”. These somebodies are in the business of paying the bottom possible price, and then selling as high as manageable. You most likely will not get a good cost presently.

Who you DO want to talk to is proper collectors of used Lionel trains. They are most likely to give you a ordinary cost, and in this group of someones is where you are likewise most in all probability to learn a motivated purchaser. You may have a localized group of collectors in your personalized region. Hobby workshops that deal in old Lionel trains, or supply regions and add-on for them, can direct you in seeing the accurate collectors.

Nowadays that you recognize where to find a purchaser, here are whatsoever hints to help you put a price on your antique Lionel train.

YouTube Preview Image

The Train Collectors Association has direct grading banners that are observed by the regular train collectors in discovering valuations. They divide the entire range of conditions into 7 categories, ranging from brand new and unused (mint condition) to rubble, with some useable divisions (poor condition). The 7 categories are: Mint, Like New, Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor. Your train will drop somewhere into one of these families.

In addition, there are 2 quality leads released every last yr that can help you to fix a rate for your old Lionel train. These publishing companies are well honorable in this field, and have been writing these guides for some yr. The two guides are:

TM’s Lionel Price and Rarity Guide – Volume 1 or Volume two, betting on the date your Lionel train was constructed

Greenberg’s Pocket Price Guide to Lionel Trains

There are certain affairs you can do which can make a primary difference in your selling cost. If your train is in mint condition, plus you have the special package, you will get the steepest price possible. So do not ever so cast away the box if you have one. Also, clean your train so that there is no dust, soil, dirt, or old built up oil on it. A clean and polished train that doesn’t move can ofttimes require a high dealing cost than a dirty one that operates. In addition, sometimes just cleansing it up and making minor fixtures can reestablish that old train to a more worthy condition.

You can get an superior guide for fixing your old Lionel train at The guide is actually 2 CDs full of instructions, blueprints, parts lists, and detailed plots for every Lionel train ready-made from 1906 through 1986. It makes reconstructing your train simple, and can easily double or triple the cost you can get for your train. With whatever of these payable trains, doing the uncomplicated restores can actually bring you thousands of dollars more when you sell it.

So you see, there is a lot that goes into committing a rate on your used Lionel train. Your well count to get a good trading price is to do your enquiry on your train, check the established guides, make contact with a collectors club, and show a reconstructed, clean and beaming train to a wild gatherer.

About the Author: Discover the easiest way to repair and restore

used lionel trains

with LionelManuals. Learn how to fix and repair

antique lionel trains

with over 2000 pages and diagrams Be among the rare few to own this

lionel trains

manual collection previously only available to lionel technicians… Visit the official site now to download a free 1965 vintage lionel catalog.


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Lake Hickory And Lake Rhodhiss Communities}

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Submitted by: Matt Lahtela

Harbor Ridge on Lake Rhodhiss, North Carolina

You’ll want to get lost in the countryside and explore the waters. Hike the woodsy countryside. Throw your line in for fresh catch. Relax and watch the sunset across your big, blue backyard. Can life get any sweeter?

Harbor Ridge, Lake Rhodhiss, North Carolina Amenities include:

Paved Roads

Stone Entrance

Security Gate

Community Boat Slips

Secure Boat Storage Area

Underground Power

Underground Telephone

City Water

Septic Systems

Lake Rhodhiss Highlights:

3,000 Acres in Size

90 Miles of Shoreline

Regulated by Duke Power

Fully Recreational Lake (Boating, Sailing, Jet Skis, Water Skiing, Swimming, etc.)

Fishing tournaments

Constant water level, clear water clarity

6 boat launches

Lake Rhodhiss has over 90 miles of shoreline, totaling over 3000 acres of surface area. Lake Rhodhiss offers 6 boat launches. The lake is a fully recreational lake for swimming, boating (gas or electric engines), sailing, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boats, jet skiing, water skiing, tubing, wakeboarding etc.

Waterfront lot owners can obtain Boat Docks Permits from Duke Power. During the summer months you can enter various fishing tournaments, since the lake abounds with many species of fish. There are several things that have made Lake Rhodhiss extremely attractive: the constant water level, water clarity, and the natural shoreline. Because some communities use Lake Rhodhiss as their drinking water supply, the water level remains constant, where other lakes in the Carolinas as well as other states can vary dramatically. Water clarity is another reason why people want to be on Lake Rhodhiss. Unlike most other North Carolina lakes that have a clay bottom, Lake Rhodhiss has a crystal blue color to the water because it has a sandy bottom. The attractive shoreline of Lake Rhodhiss is one of its greatest assets. The developed portions of the shoreline display custom built homes ranging in size from 2,000 to 10,000+ square feet, with beautiful docks – many with second level vi ewing decks. With boating traffic rated as low to moderate, you can see why so many people describe the natural beauty of Lake Rhodhiss as breathtaking.

Paradise Harbor on Lake Rhodhiss, NC Property Overview

Here at Paradise Harbor, youre looking at a waterfront view anyone would envy. Look across the deep, wide waters of the main channel of Lake Rhodhiss. Climb aboard your boat and take a spin in these tranquil waters, or sip coffee and savor your postcard-like picture of Lake Rhodhiss. Youll never want to leave home.

Paradise Harbor Amenities include:

Paved Roads

Electronic Security Gate

Community Boat Slips

Underground Power

Underground Telephone

City Water

Private Septic

Oliver’s Landing, Lake Hickory, North Carolina

At Oliver’s Landing, your life is enriched by a wealth of opportunities and activities. The upscale atmosphere is highlighted by RiverCrest Golf Club, an 18-hole, 6,500 yard golf course that offers ample challenge for every golfer, as well as all the facilities and staff you’d expect at a fine course like this. The RiverCrest Clubhouse is an added bonus, offering a restaurant, pro shop, locker rooms and much more.

Carefully planned community recreation areas include a gazebo by the lake and a park where neighbors gather to relax, picnic or share events. A private, paved boat landing and day slips are available exclusively for Oliver’s Landing residents. So you can set out for a day of fishing, water skiing or wind surfing practically from your own backyard.

From the serenity of lakefront living to the exhilaration of first-class golf, everything about Oliver’s Landing is planned for your pleasure. Wake to the gentle breezes off Lake Hickory in one of North Carolina’s finest private residential communities. Spend the morning bass fishing on the glistening water. Knock some strokes off your game on the manicured greens of the 18-hole, magnificent golf course. Or just relax in a hammock and reflect on your day as the sunset shimmers across the lake. You’ll soon discover a life-style that’s a perfect fit for you.

Oliver’s Landing has been designed to preserve the exquisite beauty of the land. The sparkling clearwater lake and stream waters. Rolling woodlands dense with native trees and complete with wildlife. Lush, landscaped grounds. The setting is ideal for your home, your family, your future. This 306 acre haven includes 350 premium lakefront, lake-view, and golf course homesites of one-half acre or more. Every precaution has been taken to keep the land in its pristine state. And to further protect the value of this special community, certain deed restrictions apply, designed to assure the quality of the natural environment for years to come.

Moores Ferry, Lake Hickory, North Carolina

Enjoy luxury living in this exquisite Hickory based, lakefront community. Home sites are strategically located to optimize privacy with beautiful lake views throughout the area. Moores Ferry provides amenities such as a community clubhouse, a community swimming pool and a community marina dock. As an added benefit, this gated community maintains a private security service that patrols the community around the clock. Moores Ferry is conveniently located just miles from local entertainment establishments, shopping and dining in downtown Hickory.

Enjoy luxury living in this exquisite Lake Hickory, lakefront community called Moores Ferry. Home sites are strategically located to optimize privacy with beautiful lake views throughout the area. Moores Ferry’s homes for sale provides amenities such as a community clubhouse, a community swimming pool and a community marina dock. As an added benefit, this gated community maintains a private security service that patrols the community around the clock. Moores Ferry is conveniently located just miles from local entertainment establishments, shopping and dining in downtown Hickory.

Directions to Moore’s Ferry: Hwy 127 N, turn left onto 42nd Ave Dr NW into Moores Ferry.

Rock Barn, Conover, NC

Attention all golfers, Rock Barn is signature golf course community nestled in the Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This Conover based 1200 acre gated community has boasting amenities worthy of the finest resorts. Rock Barn features two award winning 18 hole golf courses, an Olympic sized swimming pool, an equestrian center, a professional tennis center, a state of the art luxury spa and a complete fitness center. The restaurants at Rock Barn create a beautiful and luxurious place for residents to come together. Golf Digest has ranked this semi-private golf club fourth among best new upscale public courses in the country. Rock Barn also hosts the Greater Hickory Classic, an annual PGA Champions Tour Golf Tournament that features some of the biggest names in golf.

Come see this exquisite golf community and start enjoying the Rock Barn lifestyle.

River Bend, Lake Hickory, North Carolina

River Bend is in the town of Granite Falls, NC, which provides residents with street maintenance, water and sewer and other utilities. Natural gas and Cable television are available. Superb and comprehensive medical care is offered by Hickorys Frye Regional Medical Center network, within 15 minutes of River Bend.

The River Bend Clubhouse offers members a private quiet setting in which they can relax and socialize. Open architecture offers sweeping views of Lake Hickory and the Clubs grass peninsula and swimming pool. Community Features: Multi-level clubhouse featuring private club and recreational area, Access Clubhouse with wet bar for private parties and events, Olympic-sized swimming pool, and an Exercise Room.

About the Author: Matt Lahtela – Director of Sales and Marketing at


Realty is one of the largest sales and marketing companies focusing on North Carolina Lake Properties, and continues to grow everyday.


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