How To Turn Your Website Design Into A Disaster}

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Submitted by: Penny Latif

During many years of experience there are many mistakes that we are witness to but the most often occurring is the grande design fiasco.

Everybody has an idea of what their site should look like in terms of look and feel. Color is important as is the overall layout. A careful questionnaire is usually used to assess the clients target market and then target location. Age groups, business nature, are all factors that blend in to make a carefully customized design according to a persons/ companies design requirement.

Based on all of this useful information a good designer will in the first two attempts create something that will be practical, functional and hold the wow effect to keep visitors glued to the site once they get there.

But just like one of those disaster movies where everything is fine until the earth starts to shake, this is the calm before the storm.

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So heres how it starts, the first time web person suddenly remembers his last art class (which may have been 45 years ago) and wants shadowing around the letters and a mixture of five different colors and squirly fonts.

After careful consultation with his wife, mother, mother in law and the neighbors he then decides his site is not complete without a photo of Mitzy the cat who sadly passed away last year.

Then while dropping his kids to school he realizes how a picture of a baby is adorable and how his site cant possibly go live without the baby photo. Imagine the traffic he would generate!

Finally although he wanted a site that would display his plumbing techniques he decides to make the most of his webspace and also sell the garden gnomes he makes on the weekends. Plus the wife does some really wicked cupcakes and could sell a few on the site during the holidays.

The result as you can understand ends up looking like something made by a 12 year old playing with his new paint set with lots of stuff going on in different directions. The visitor is left wandering what he is looking at and why.

This sadly is how a site design goes wrong. After evaluation and the first 3 rounds your site should be good to go. It should have all the elements that will make the site work, web 2.0 layout to keep the focus of the visitor where it should be on your core business purpose. A good web company will have Web Designers with usually at least 2 years of experience in the field of design (ours have 5) and will know what works and what doesnt work. Using more than 3 colors is also a big no- no (unless your business is selling paint!).The colors distract and make your site look gaudy and too cluttered.

Our research shows your window of opportunity to wow your first time visitor to your site is only 2 seconds. If your site doesnt make sense and is too cluttered you will lose that valuable opportunity and no he wont come back.

So although your feedback is essential towards the initial design phase, there should also be faith placed in the capabilities of the designer. A weird wacky layout might work if your site is a simple brochure but it also might be detrimental from a business sense if it makes it hard for the visitor to find something to buy.

The exceptions perhaps to this article would be those whose sites are all about art, designs, all about image and not user friendliness. Those whose priority doesnt lie in SEO and have an established base of users and a renowned brand name. Most of these people usually have a very clear focus of their design and can be helped to create their vision avidly by designers.

Always remember the best sites in the world are the simplest. Doesnt Google have a simple search bar and then very little else? No flash, no shooting stars and no photos of Mitzy.

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Role Of Digital Marketing Training In Business Growth}

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Submitted by: Ace Web Academy

In the world of internet marketing, there are numbers of techniques available and each one of them serves a certain purpose. For a business owner, it is essential to figure out the most apt technique of internet marketing in order to obtain the best results. Promotion of business in the online world in the best way possible can happen only by choosing the right internet marketing technique. For this reason, it is vital to know about the different techniques, which can happen only through proper training.

If you browse through the web world, you will come across a number of courses related to internet Marketing training. Most of the courses are totally online based; hence, you can pursue them easily, from anywhere in the world. The training programs will provide you the much needed knowledge and skills related to the various facets of internet marketing. In this way, you will become capable of choosing the right technique as per the given situation.

Role of Digital Marketing in business promotion:

There are many ways in which digital marketing can prove beneficial for your business. Some of them are-

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When it comes to the cost of promotion then internet marketing certainly leaves behind the traditional forms of marketing. Being more cost effective in nature, internet marketing can be widely used in promoting a business among its target customers in a much better way. Hence, internet marketing certainly plays a major role for the small businesses; as they do not have enough funds on invest on the traditional marketing platforms.

With the presence of internet marketing, now it has turned out o be possible for the small businesses to get access to the elements of sales and marketing. In this regard, the role of internet marketing is quite significant because now even the small companies can join the competition.

Conversion rate associated with the online or digital marketing platform is much better when compare to the traditional ones. Without spending tons of money on promotions, the results obtained from the digital marketing techniques are much more lucrative.

The agility of digital marketing is quite impressive. The online marketing platform is more agile than the traditional marketing channels. In the online world, it does not take much time to make something into trending news. Through online marketing tools, small businesses can easily get into touch with their potential customers within a small amount of time. Bulk email, social media posts, Instagram pics, etc. are some of the highly effective and completely affordable ideas of promotion.

How does digital marketing create brand for business?

Social media marketing is a major branch of digital marketing, and when it comes to brand creation, nothing comes closer to the social media marketing tools. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are highly effective in making the huge base of online users aware of your companys products and services.

Importance of digital marketing course training:

Through digital marketing training, you will become highly skilled at business promotion. Once you will get to know how to promote business on this platform, it will open up the doors of opportunities for your career. The demand of digital marketing experts is rising day by day, and therefore pursuing this course would be an excellent idea. You may join a company or work as an independent service provider. The future of online marketing is pretty bright.

About the Author: An author is a professional digital marketing course trainer at Ace Web Academy. He often share his view on digital marketing and career on internet.


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Web Design Asheville}

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Web Design Asheville


justin jamesThere are other forms of online marketing strategies that can be devised by a marketing company in asheville. All these are aimed at giving the brand a greater online presence. Web Design asheville is a process of conceptualizing, planning, and building a collection of electronic files that determine the layout, colors, text styles, structure, graphics, images, and use of interactive features that deliver pages to your site visitors. We specialize in Internet marketing, but our team brings a broad range of knowledge, skills and education to your project. From web development, WordPress utilization, general help with web design and maintenance, to speaking at small groups or seminars, we can be there for your business. Simply deciding on one of our packages just doesn’t fit some needs and we understand that! Digital Marketing asheville – asheville Digital marketing is a term used to describe the integrated marketing services used to attract, engage and convert customers online. Digital marketing utilizes multiple channels such as content marketing, influencer marketing,online marketing,SEO, social media and online advertising to help brands connect with customers and uncover performance of marketing programs in real-time. Search Engine Optimisation It is increasing rankings of a website on search engine’s search results based on the keywords people use to look for the product. The higher the rankings will be, the more will be the number of visitors to the site. This will result in increased brand visibility and conversion.On one hand you have a product; on the other you have the customer. Bridging the gap and making him aware of the value of the product is what marketing is all about. However, in today’s digital world, conventional marketing strategies are no longer relevant and ones that are implemented by a marketing company in Charlotte can be continuously tracked and returns tabulated through latest analytics tools. Hence, which marketing methods are optimising returns can be immediately known and necessary course corrections in implementation of plans can be quickly made.Web design is a process of conceptualizing, planning, and building a collection of electronic files that determine the layout, colors, text styles, structure, graphics, images, and use of interactive features that deliver pages to your site visitors.At Way James + Co. we see web design as the core’ of your online marketing branding and image. We take pride in it, too. All of our sites are 100% custom and built for your company from scratch. That means totally custom, no outsourcing, and absolutely NO TEMPLATES. Call us crazy, but that’s the main reason we even started this company.Custom creative web design. Our sites are built from scratch for each customer. That means 100% custom, no outsourcing, and absolutely NO TEMPLATES. There’s an incredible difference in building a site on a template and building a site custom to that business, and we think you’ll be able to tell!

Web Design asheville is a process of conceptualizing, planning, and building a collection of electronic files that determine the layout, colors, text styles, structure, graphics, images, and use of interactive features that deliver pages to your site visitors. For more info visit us at here :

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An Introduction To Xyron Creative Station 900 Cartridges

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By Jeff McRitchie

If you are curious about the Xyron Creative Station 900 laminator or you recently bought one and are trying to figure out how to use your new system, you need to educate yourself about the types of cartridges available for this product. There are several of these available and they can all provide you with different results. Here’s what you can get and what they can do.

* Two-Sided Laminate. This cartridge should be used when you want to laminate both sides of your document. You can laminate just about anything you want as long as it’s no wider than 8.5 inches, so let your imagination be your guide. Some possibilities include your son or daughter’s school projects, business cards, newspaper articles, and more.

* Permanent Adhesive. Permanent adhesive is great to use when you want a really strong bond for your project, especially if you are working with materials such as metal or fabric. This cartridge will coat one side of your item from edge to edge with a high-quality permanent glue. You can apply this adhesive to items that are up to 9 inches wide.

* Repositionable Adhesive. This adhesive should be used when you anticipate wanting or needing to remove and re-apply your item, whether it’s a scrapbook page, sticker, or anything else. The adhesive in this cartridge won’t leave a mark either, even if you place your object on a window or wooden surface.

YouTube Preview Image

* Laminate/Repositionable Adhesive. Do you need to both laminate your document and apply adhesive to it? If so, this is the cartridge for you. This cartridge will provide your document with a smooth, glossy look on the front and make it possible for you stick your item wherever you need it.

* Laminate/Permanent Adhesive. This is very similar to the cartridge listed above, except this time the adhesive is permanent. Both this cartridge and the laminate/repositionable adhesive one are perfect for making stickers and preparing photos for scrapbooking.

* Laminate/Magnet. Does it seem baffling that a machine that applies laminate and adhesive to documents can also create magnets that can be stuck on the refrigerator door or inside a locker? Don’t worry because making magnets is super easy, thanks to this cartridge. It operates on the same principle as the other ones, except instead of apply laminate or glue to your project, it applies a magnetic backing. This cartridge is the one to use if you want to create great magnets to give away as gifts, and you can also make documents such as “To Do” lists magnetic, which can help you stay on track and organized.

Finally, all of the adhesives used in these cartridges are acid-free, so they won’t affect the integrity of your project. These cartridges are easy to install and can be quickly changed in case you need to switch from, say, laminating to magnet-making in a matter of mere minutes.

It’s very easy to get creative with the Xyron Creative Station 900 especially when you know what all the different cartridges can do. Now that you know all about them, go out there and start crafting!

About the Author: If you’re interested in buying a

Xyron Creative Station 510

, you should really visit They have a great price on this laminator and they offer the full line of

Xyron Laminating Cartridges and Refills



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The Benefits Of Using Promotional Items To Your Advantage

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By Gabriel Adams

Are you looking for a creative and catchy way to bring attention to your business? If you are, you may be in the process of examining promotional items. Promotional items are a great way to promote your business, but it is also important that you proceed with caution.

As previously stated, promotional items are designed to help promote a business, but if you are not careful, they can be a huge business expense. That is why it is important to first do a little bit of research. Before you set your promotional plan in motion, you should know which promotional items are the best, as well as know which distribution techniques are the most successful. For your convenience, a few helpful tips are provided below.

As for which promotional items will help you see the best success, it is important to look at it from the standpoint of a business owner and a consumer. From the standpoint of a business owner, you need affordable promotional items where your business name, logo, or slogan can be prominently displayed. From the standpoint of a consumer, it is important to choose promotional items that consumers want. Promotional items can turn into more of a hassle than anything else when no one wants them.

YouTube Preview Image

So which promotional items are the best for your business? You will want to examine shirts, hats, ink pens, magnets, koozies, and cups. They are, by far, the most common and successful promotional items for business owners, like you. Why? Because they are items that people use. Many consumers are always on the lookout for pens, magnets, and cups for their households, especially those that are free. These are all items that will be used, as opposed to later just tossed in the trashcan.

Once you have a list of promotional items to distribute, you need to decide how you wish to give them away. Are you opening a new business or have you recently done some remodeling? If so, you may want to consider hosting a grand opening or a grand reopening celebration. These, alone, can be used as promotional tools. You can give away free promotional items, such as ink pens, magnets, cups, and hats to the first hundred or so people who attend your grand opening celebration.

Another option that you have is to give away free promotional items to those who make a purchase, even just a small purchase. This approach is nice, as you are able to accomplish two of your business goals at the same time. These goals include making a sale and promoting your business. It is also important to note that this approach is realistic for those who operate online businesses, as you can simply just add a free promotional item into a package that you ship out.

By following the above mentioned steps, you are sure to see success with the use of promotional items that prominently display your business name, slogan, or logo. As a reminder, be sure to personalize all promotional items. Doing so ensures that your promotional campaign continues on for months or even years.

About the Author: Discover how you can use custom


as promotional items for your business:


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Free Nulled Uber Script? No Way!!}

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Submitted by: Frances Harper

In our world, we have two extreme sects of people, the filthy rich and the extremely poor. The rich are wealthy to an extent that a few thousand dollars here or there makes no difference. The poor are those who do not even know whether they will be able to get even one meal for the day.

As human beings, we look after the poor in our society. To do this there are millions of charitable organizations that have been set up like Medecins san frontiers, Bread for the world, The Salvation Army, UNICEF, Wildlife Conservation Society etc. These organizations help anyone ranging from humans, animals, flora and fauna, and help look after them, be it by way of food, medication, protection against poachers etc. However, there is no organization that helps by providing a means of cost-effective commuting. Would you like to be that Samaritan and help countries where transport is a major problem?


To help understand how you can help such countries you need to understand what the current commuting system is. I was born and brought up in Kenya, a country that is still considered a third world country even after all these years. The main mode of transport there is the matatu, also known as MA 3. A matatu is actually a 14 seater van or maybe a 32 seater passenger bus. However, the number that is actually on board at any one time is actually more than twice the recommended passengers, with passengers literally hanging onto doorways. The matatu itself is almost touching the road just to give you an indication of how much weight it is carrying. I used to travel in such a matatu when going to and from work because it was a cheap and fast mode of travel. By fast, I mean the drivers used to drive on the curb or the wrong side of traffic. However, that was the travelling culture in Kenya chaotic. Like me, the majority of the population used it for commuting purposes for the very reasons that I used to use it fast and cost effective. Loud blaring reggae music always gives you company on the ride.

YouTube Preview Image

However what if there was a quiet, cost-effective, comfortable and a safer way to commute here? Do you think people would warm to the idea? I would. That is where you as an entrepreneur come in. You not only revolutionize the transport system but also make a decent bob or two, all for a few dollars.


V3CUBE has come up with an ideal solution that will help poor countries travel safely and in style. As an entrepreneur you need to inform them that wish to invest in the Uber Android App Script. They, in turn, will sell you the app at very economic price, making no profit in between. Not only that, they will provide you with a lifetimes worth of support free of charge. They will also not charge you for server usage. Since the purpose of this setup is charity, the commission will be turned off permanently so that the driver can earn in full. The app will have your name on it as the sponsor of the site and the branding will be of V3CUBE.

Your Uber Android App Script will be customized in the language and the currency of the country you want to launch in it. For example, if you wish to launch it in Kenya, then you can get the site customized to Kiswahili language and the currency to the Kenyan Shilling.


You can also launch the system commercially and as the owner of the Uber clone, you will get a set amount of commission for every ride that is booked through your site. Since the site belongs to you, you are also the administrator and you will be managing the finances online, with no money changing hands between the driver, passenger and yourself.

Your site will also become a platform for other entrepreneurs to advertise their wares, from which you gain too. A double whammy for the price of one app!!


Join hands with V3CUBE and get people to commute in style and comfort, free from noise pollution and feel safe too, during the ride with no fear of the van topples over! A great deed indeed, if you can do something for these third world countries Nature works in mysterious ways; you donate one dollar and you will get threefold in return!

About the Author: This article has been written by Frances Harper, who knows how the people commuted in Kenya. He shares how uber clone is helful in such countries.More Info:


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