Save On Your Energy Bill With Window Film Wichita Ks

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byAlma Abell

Are you interested in knowing of way to save money on energy in your home and simultaneously reducing the risks in your health? Obviously, the answer to this rhetorical questioning is yes; after all, who wouldn’t be interested in saving money and helping their health too? NorthStar Comfort Services, Inc., an insulation provider who also does Window Film Wichita KS, wants to tell you about how window tinting can be the door of opportunity for your energy savings and health saving, in addition.

Window tint can go a long ways in protecting your drapery and furniture, as it shields those items from the sun’s harmful rays. It is already evident what the sun will do in terms of fading your curtains and making your furniture look dull. Imagine what such rays are doing to your skin. You would be very wise and proactive in extending the life of your furniture, drapery and by default, yourself by installing window tint to your home and/or business. Some window tints are so good that they block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful rays.

In the summertime, the tint reduces the amount of heat that comes into the home or business, causing the central air/air conditioning units not to work as hard. This saves on your utilities. Once again, because up to 99% of the rays are being blocked, you save yourself future woes of the rays’ effects on your skin, such as painful rashes or even developing skin cancer.

In Kansas, you can get NorthStar Comfort Services, Inc. to install your Window Film Wichita KS to get you started on your energy savings and the protection of your skin from the sun’s rays. They offer commercial and residential window tinting for your comfort, reduce fading, lower energy bills, improvement on temperature control and to save your furniture from the damage of UV rays. NorthStar Comfort Services, Inc. also does vehicle tinting, full service insulation for commercial buildings including the installation of products like Simple Saver System and spray foam insulation. When you are in need of Window Film Wichita KS, or insulation, call upon NorthStar Comfort Services, Inc. by visiting their website,

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Nicotine Withdrawal Learn Why It Defeats You Almost Everytime}

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Nicotine Withdrawal – Learn Why It Defeats You Almost Everytime



Surveys show that about 90% of smokers wish they could quit smoking; that supposedly seem to be an overwhelming majority, but why haven’t they done so? Those tried and failed would be quick to blame nicotine and the withdrawal symptoms that followed, but are those the only culprits?

Generally, when one has the desire to give up smoking, he or she tends to rush through the process, in hope that everything will be over in matter of days. Like most, they adopt the ‘cold turkey’ act – stop cigarettes intake all at once. Such method, if successful, will be the cheapest and quickest way to quit smoking. Many, however, failed to realize that cold turkey is not for everyone; not only it puts a lot of stress on the body, it can permanently break your will to quit smoking if done incorrectly.

Unless a firm determination and the right mindset have been in place, you will most likely fail to overcome nicotine withdrawal. The addictive nicotine may be out from your body in 3 days, but the craving continues for years, and hence goes with the battle to resist all cigarette temptation. Whichever method you choose to quit smoking, if you have not make a complete preparation for your smoking cessation endeavor, all efforts will be half-baked.

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That said, though it might sound basic, a lot of smokers fail to organize a solid long-term plan to cope with nicotine withdrawal, hence wreaked their dream of becoming smoking-free. Having a simple, effective plan can do a lot in determining the outcome of your quitting attempt – to begin with, here are some of the most important steps that must be included in your to-do lists right on the very day you make up your mind to toss cigarettes:

1. Support

Inform friends and family about your decision. Your commitment to quit smoking will be much easier if you have strong, positive moral support around you. They will also be more understanding at time when you are not in your best behavior.

2. Best Date to Begin

Choose a week you would least likely to get any disruption, stress or pressure. Symptoms like intense craving, insomnia, fatigue, inability to concentrate, headache, cough, sore throat, stomach pain, dry mouth and more will be pretty much normal around these times. This is the most crucial moment – drink lots of water to flush out the nicotine in your system faster, it also sates the desire of smoking for a little while too.

3. Suppress Craving

Go online and search for images of tar-tainted lungs or dying cancer patients. Print it out and paste it right at the door so you will see it everyday. Each time the craving hits, take a minute of your time viewing it again. This help thwart off the thoughts of having “just one more” cigarette especially as you make your way through the early days of nicotine withdrawal.

4. Distract Yourself

Keep yourself busy and occupied throughout the day – by doing something you like. The busier you are, the more distracted you will be to even think about the withdrawal symptoms. Also consider some light exercise; it reduces cravings while helping you feel better in general.

5. Keep Your Body in Comfort

At the end of the day, indulge yourself in a hot bath or do whatever pampers and relaxes you. Get a good rest so you’ll find yourself better equipped to start the next day off on the right foot.

Eventually, the symptoms disappear and the strong hold nicotine has over you loosens up its grip. You will break the habit for good in 3 weeks, however, the urge to smoke remains for another one to three years – though this should not be much of a concern if you are psychologically prepared since the beginning.

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Nicotine Withdrawal – Learn Why It Defeats You Almost Everytime


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