Golf Drill Practice Pre Game Warm Up Should Be Routine

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By George Gabriel

Did you ever find yourself rushing out onto the first tee box without warming up? Most of those games were a struggle. Right? I know I have struggled and ended up with a bad round, even though I have been playing for some time now. The misdirected golf shots were easily excused because of the lack of games played during the season. Who was I trying to kid? I have been playing for years!

A couple games ago I rushed out to the tee box without warming up prior to swinging a golf club. My golf swing was very erratic to say the least, and so were my results on most golf holes. My golfing buddy had just started playing the game two years ago, and I had trouble staying ahead by one or two golf shots. It was so bad; I confirmed that I did not know how to play golf after all these years and I lost my golf swing.

I now realize my big mistake was stepping on the tee box thinking it was a walk in the park without warming up, and not having a practice drill before the game. The next round was the complete opposite. This time I rushed to the practice green instead of the first tee box, 20 minutes before our golf tee time. I practiced putting; chipping and my golf swing warm up exercise before I stepped onto the tee box. The results were a birdie on the first hole, birdie on the last and three birdies in-between, not to mention a couple of doubles. My confidence was not always consistent, but the birdies sure helped my score. What did I do different? I found the necessary touch and feel of my golf swing and clubs 20 minutes prior to teeing up the golf ball.

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If you want to give yourself a chance of playing a good round of golf, try this warm up drill before teeing the golf ball up. This golf warm up drill should do several good things for your game, before you take your first golf swing on the tee box.

Take 2 or 3 golf balls out of the bag along with your putter. Place the golf balls a distance of approximately 30 feet away from the hole you attend to putt at. Finish each shot by putting all golf balls out with the remaining distance left. Your goal should be a 2 putt at the most. If you miss the short ones, pull the shot back and try again until you sink it. No pressure, this whole practice drill has a time limit of 20 minutes, and you have one more practice drill with an exercise warm up to follow. Sinking all short putts will help build your confidence when putting on the golf course. Try this golf drill and same distance at least twice with 3 golf balls, and three times with 2.

Leave your putter out, and take a 7 iron and wedge out, or your two favorite clubs you typically use just off and around greens. Use the 7 iron to run the ball to the hole from approximately 30 feet. out. Use the loftier club to drop it around the hole from this distance as well. Finish the hole by sinking the ball with your putter. Your goal should be a 1 putt at the most. Practice with the same clubs with a distance of 15 feet away from the hole. Try this drill and distance with both clubs a couple times. You will eventually find confidence with one or both clubs.

Step away from the green and take two of your longest irons out of the bag. Place both irons horizontally between both arms and behind the lower arc of your back. Exercise by turning the upper portion of your body in a coiled swing position. Also, stretch those golf muscles with your favorite exercise with both clubs stretched over and to the side of your body. Continue until all the cracking sounds have stopped before you move on to the last exercise.

After your stretching exercise is completed; slowly swing both clubs together feeling the weight and club head using your normal set up, as if you were to hit a golf ball. Continually swing freely trying to slightly touch the grass with the clubs, stopping and starting over now and then. Gradually take bigger, or fuller swings until you reach the top of your golf swing. Eventually replace both clubs with your driver. You will notice how light the driver will feel. Try this warm up exercise until you feel loose and limber.

This golf drill practice warm up exercise will help build your confidence prior to each game. Make it a routine to practice this golf drill at least 20 minutes prior to tee time. Just remember to tee it up with confidence in your golf swing on every golf hole, with every golf shot and putt for all 18 holes!

About the Author: George Gabriel is the owner of the site & He has written numerous article tips on golfing, which he started playing in his earlier years as a caddie.

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4 Strategies For Seasonal Selling Planning For Retail Cycles

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By Chris Malta & Robin Cowie

Every product has a natural life cycle and a season where it sells best. Some early buyers come at the beginning of the cycle, and then the mass of buyers come. Prices peak and retailers begin running out of stock. Sales slow, and trickle down to a few last-minute shoppers.

As an online seller, its critical you prepare for the natural retail cycles you’ll experience throughout the year. With some simple strategies, you can make the most of the opportunities presented by the changing seasons:

1. Keep the Flow Going

The way to maintain sales volume is to be ready for the next selling season. Phase in your new seasonal items for early shoppers while your other product line sales are winding down. You can keep the momentum going in your store and your income, if you plan accordingly.

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2. Make Advance Preparations

Dont wait until the holiday is upon you to get your products lined up and ready to go. You should begin pushing your promotions two to three months ahead of time, according to product trending veteran Lisa Suttora, of

. Says Suttora, The advantage to having your products ready several months before a holiday season is you capture the early bird buyers. Youd be amazed how many people shop months in advance of a holiday.

Another benefit of early marketing is it provides lead time for the search engines to pick up the pages for your holiday specials. Include the season or holiday name in your titles, because people are searching for those terms.

3. Use What Youve Got

You dont necessarily have to change your entire product line every season. Evaluate your current product line and see what can be promoted as a seasonal item. Use your imagination create unique gift baskets and kits. Shoppers are pressed for time and are looking for solutions, so put together product bundles to solve their holiday needs.

4. Adjust Your Web Site

Your web store should reflect the season feature items that work well for the approaching holiday. Put a seasonal spin on your ads and listings. Your sales dont have to drop, advises Suttora. Evaluate what youre selling and how you want to position it freshen up the look of your site. Youve got a whole new group of buyers coming in with each new season, so you want to be ready for them.

About the Author: Product Sourcing Radio is Created and Hosted by Chris Malta and Rob Cowie of, Home of OneSource: The Internet’s Largest Source of Genuine, Factory-Direct Wholesalers for online sellers.

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Learn How To Build A Great Income Earning Just 5 Bucks A Day (Review)

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By Judy Turner

It was 1997 when I decided to go back to school, took out a student loan and bought my first computer. I had a dream that one day I was going to be my own boss and earn an income online. I knew nothing about computers, in fact I didn’t even know how to turn one on. I just knew that if I was going to succeed in being my own boss that this was what I needed to do.

Those first few weeks were rough. I found myself with a bunch of recent high school graduates who already had a few computer skills. Meanwhile I was unable to follow the most basic tutorials. I could have quit right then (and was close to it) but I was determined to stick it out.

Fast forward 11 years later and I have learned so much. I may not be the internet marketing guru bringing in tens of thousands each month but as a stay at home mom who wanted to supplement our family income I have done okay. However, there are times when I have lost focus and don’t accomplish the things I want to do.

YouTube Preview Image

One of the best ways to earn money online is by earning multiple streams of income. This is where it gets tricky for so many of us! Do you ever come up with so many great ideas but you just don’t know where to start? This is exactly what I had been dealing with. So many things that I wanted to do but not enough hours in the day to start anything new. I knew that there had to be a way and I was determined to find it.

I am always on the look out for ebooks or other reports that will teach me something new. Unfortunately I have spent good money over the years on ebooks that either didn’t teach me anything new or the subject was so technical or boring that it just didn’t hold my interest. That’s why I was thrilled to come across Dennis Becker’s ebook called 5 Bucks A Day, Jr.

If you are looking for someone to hold your hand and tell you step by step exactly how to get rich quick then this isn’t for you. However, if you are looking for some creative ideas to build several streams of income as well as some great resources I definitely recommend it! Not only has this given me several great ideas but I can also use many of his strategies in my current online projects.

Whether you want to earn money through direct sales, affiliate marketing, with a website, even offline it doesn’t matter. This is definitely a must read ebook for anyone who truly wants to work from home. Once you start reading it you wont want to put it down so be sure to print it out, find a comfortable chair and wait for that ah ha! moment to kick in for you.

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The Best Way To Safeguard Your Confidential Documents

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By Adrianna Noton

We all recognize that lawyers, doctors and banks obtain confidential information from their clients, but every business, large or small, has sensitive information that needs to be secured. Identity theft and fraud are on the rise. Businesses collect information about employees, customers, company financial information, and product development. Sensitive documents that most businesses have on hand are employee records, customer and vendor records, financial and budgeting data, and product specifications or drawings. The best way to safeguard your confidential documents that are to be destroyed is to use a paper shredding service.

All levels of government have passed legislation to protect the confidentiality and privacy of individuals and corporations. Managing information has become an important function in any business. Document shredding services can help your business develop a records management program, advising your company how long to keep records, how to keep them secure, and when to destroy them. Document shredding professionals are informed about current federal, state and local regulations, and will ensure that your company is compliant. Storage of sensitive documents must be augmented with a retention plan. Document shredding services provide steps to securing those sensitive documents, ensuring that confidential information will not fall into the wrong hands. Document shredding services also offer individuals and small businesses a secure drop-off location for personal records to be shredded.

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When a business wants the reassurance that its information is secure, it can call on a document shredding professional to assess the needs of the company, and provide mobile, off-site or one-time shredding services. A secure bin is given to collect papers to be shredded. A secure shredding vehicle will arrive at the business as scheduled, and the papers are shredded on-site. Screened and insured shredding professionals safely handle the documents during the entire process. If a company prefers, shredding can be done with company personnel present to supervise. A dated report which is a Certificate of Document Destruction is provided confirming the destruction of the material, providing proof of compliance with regulations, and protection against fraud activities.

Recycling sensitive documents does not satisfy government regulations for privacy and confidentiality. There is not a secure path from the recycling bin to the recycling depot. Paper shredding companies help the environment by recycling the shreds that are produced in the process, providing compliance and security at the same time. Office paper shredders may be convenient, but they are not secure. For instance, documents are easy to get to while lingering around the office to be shredded. A professional document shredding service frees up staff time while maintaining the privacy of those papers.

Maintaining an office shredder utilizes staff time and physically putting the papers into the shredder takes up a great deal of time which hinders business productivity. Document shredding services eliminate that chore, leaving staff time for more productive actions. While most information is generated electronically today, much of that information is printed out and filed. Document shredding services are an efficient and secure answer to the question of what to do with all the accumulated paper-based data that businesses, both large and small, accumulate. Document destruction companies are the best way to safeguard your confidential documents.

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How To Stand Out From The Crowd

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By Trevor Richards

Tired of the ‘modern look’ or keeping up with the latest trends and fashions? Want to stand out of the ‘in-crowd’? Then seriously consider the ‘vintage look’, such as that offered by Superdry mens clothing.

There are a wide range of vintage or ‘retro’ shirts and t-shirts available right now and, when put together with a pair of jeans, some trainers and a cool pair of shades, will distinguish you from the crowd and bring out a different person in you to boot.

With so many people wearing the ‘latest look’ as they want to fit in, be accepted and look their best, far from standing out you get lost in the crowd wearing the same as everybody else so it’s worth experimenting with a look all your own and retro shirts and t-shirts are a brilliant option – you’ll be both noticed and appreciated.

If you think that the retro or vintage look is out of fashion you’d be wrong – some looks are just timeless. The fact that there are so many fashion retailers retaining a retro line alongside their more modern offerings tells its own story.

YouTube Preview Image

How many times, for example, have flares made a comeback? And it’s not just clothing, it’s hairstyles and music too. Certain hairstyles just keep coming back and rock and roll, for example, hasn’t gone out of date, it’s one of the most listened to forms of music in the world!

The point is, some things will always be in fashion or come back into fashion and retro vintage clothing is one of them – just because it might not be being worn by the majority doesn’t mean it’s gone out of fashion and that gives you the advantage – when you put it on you’ll stand out AND be in fashion.

There will always be people who go back to retro style clothing to stand out, so why not be the first one?

The biggest names in the fashion industry are still constantly inspired by vintage clothing. Today’s designer clothing actually derives from vintage clothes from many eras, including the roaring 20s and suave 30s through the 50s ‘Greaser’ and 60s hippie looks to the disco era of the 70s and the power suits and acid-washed jeans of the 80s!

You’ll find these influences in much of today’s modern clothing so it’s obvious that vintage and retro styles will remain in fashion forever.

Consider this too – retro clothing is made from far better materials than the synthetic fabrics used in today’s modern clothing, so you’ll not only stand out but be far more comfortable in your clothes than the ‘in-crowd’.

So to stand out from the crowd, get noticed and be far more comfortable retro clothing is the way to go. There are plenty of fashion retailers online with very good, very unique retro vintage t-shirts and shirts available – Superdry mens clothing is a prime example, combining Japanese and Americana styles to create superb retro clothing – so you can browse for your very own, unique look.

About the Author: Trevor Richards is writing on behalf of Room 14 Menswear, retailer of Superdry mens clothing.


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Scrapbooking With Office Supplies : A Money Saving Alternative

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By Christine Perry

You love scrapbooking as a hobby, but staying within your budget can be a challenge if you want to indulge in all the latest paper and embellishments for your page layouts. It’s important to balance your passion for making beautiful scrapbook pages with your need to stay out of debt. Scrapbooking with office supplies can be a cost-effective alternative to high-priced scrapbooking embellishments.

The first thing to consider when using office supplies in your page layouts is the overall topic of your scrapbook. For example, is this the kind of scrapbook that has a very informal theme to it – a way for you to chronicle events shared with family and friends? Or, is this a more formal scrapbook that will be presented to someone as a gift? It’s easier to use readily-available office supplies in an informal album than a formal album, like a wedding scrapbook.

Visit your local office supply store or even a large discount store, and shop for the basics first. Does the store carry archival safe pens and paper? Check for essential tools like scissors, adhesives and paper cutters. You often will get a better price at these types of stores than the local scrapbooking store.

YouTube Preview Image

Now get creative with possible embellishments. Look for colorful paper clips, brads, simple stickers, and staples. Don’t limit yourself to the standard sizes either. Large paper clips and brads can become accents for photos or journaling blocks. Staples and brads can be used in much the same way as adhesives. Use them to attach die cuts to a page or add a larger page element like a decorative tag.

Office supply stores sell a variety of tags as well. In fact, when tags on scrapbooking pages first became popular, I could only find tags in office stores. They are so versatile on your layouts. Tags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Look for circle tags, rectangular tags, and square price tags. I especially like to use the tiny price tags that come attached to a piece of string. Tags from office supply stores usually only come in white or beige, but you can overlay cardstock on them to give them more color, or you can paint, ink or chalk them. I use tags in my page titles, journaling blocks, and as a unique page element all its own.

You can find a lot different envelope options when scrapbooking with office supplies. Check the aisles for mailing and shipping materials, as well as the stationary section. A few years ago I learned about bank envelopes. These are small little envelopes that make fun pockets for a short note or photo on your page. They can be a little difficult to find, but I usually found them in the section where cash register tape is sold.

A little imagination can go a long way toward stretching your scrapbooking supply budget. Adding office supplies is just one option. Look around you for more everyday items that can be used in your scrapbooks.

About the Author: Christine Perry invites you to her website, for more

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Pick Up A Fun Pencil Sharpener Start A New Hobby

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By Miles Lovegrove

A pencil sharpener, also sometimes called a pencil parer, is to some people much more than just something to pare a pencil with. There are collectors who will tell you that an antique manual pencil sharpener is an investment. Some people collect fun, branded pencil sharpeners as well. Yes, you might not have thought so, but a great branded pencil parer is a collector’s item.

You can find them at the antique mall or at an online auction. Some specialty or novelty stores might carry them, too. Nothing brightens up a desk like a branded pencil sharpener. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can find an electric sharpener in the shape of a fish, where you put the pencil into its mouth and it electrically sharpens your pencil for you. You can get a manual pencil sharpener that looks like a slot machine, in which you turn the blades by pulling the slot handle. There are so many personalized or branded pencil parers that it would be impossible to mention them all here.

Do you have some old sharpeners lying around in the crawl space collecting dust? Somebody might want to buy it them from you. Dig them out and dust them off. Take them to your local antiques dealer and see if they are worth anything. The old, metal, manual kind with fun, novelty and branded shapes are worth more than an electric sharpener. If you have something with a company logo on it that might have been used as a promotional giveaway, you may have a branded pencil sharpener that is really worth some money. Cast iron sharpeners are also in demand by collectors, too.

YouTube Preview Image

Don’t sell it unless you really need the money, because the value for old, manual pencil sharpeners is only going to go up. If you have one that’s worth something, see if you can get the antiques man to give you an appraisal certificate for it. If the value is quite high, some insurance might be in order. You can put it away for your children or grandchildren as part of their inheritance. It might sound odd giving saving a pencil sharpener as an inheritance, but if it is worth a lot of money, then why not?

Maybe reading this has peaked your interest in branded pencil parers. If so, start looking for them. The old ones that collectors enjoy aren’t always easy to find, but the fun is in the hunt. Try the antique malls or looking online to see what kind of deals you can find on manual sharpeners. Some electric sharpeners are lots of fun for collectors, too, so don’t rule them out if they’re not 100 years old. Remember that if you are saving them for an inheritance, they will be much older by the time you give them away.

If you want something just to pare down your pencils while you are working at your desk, run to the closest store and pick up an electric sharpener. It will do just fine. But if you want to have a great hobby, start looking for fun pencil sharpeners everywhere you go. You might be surprised at how much you can enjoy your new hobby.

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