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By Tom Tessin

It would always be best if you find the right college or university for you, and applying early than other students who usually do this during regular admission process. This step will help you greatly on deciding which college or university to go to. Aside from this, by applying early you will be able to find out ahead of time if you have been accepted at your first choice college.

Coming from high school, you might be feeling overwhelmed and intimidated when applying for a college or university, especially when you take a look at the statistics. Acceptance rates vary from school to school, and there are top ones that have low admission rates with very competitive entrance. However, lucky enough that in the United States there are schools for every type of student. There is a school for everyone, whether you did well in high school or not.

It would be obvious that the most prominent colleges and universities, like the Ivy League schools, have the lowest admission rates. These schools are known to be of good reputation, desired and respected by many. According to the 2010 2011 rates, Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, only accepted 7.7% from the nearly 28,000 applicants. Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, which comes in second place, only accepted 9.9% from the 20,000 applicants. While Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey, which was ranked third, accepted 9.9% as well out of the 22,000 applicants.


There are also other universities that are well respected, which are not really prestigious like the Ivy League schools but somewhat close. University of Chicago which ranked 17, accepted 27.9% out of the 12,500 applicants. Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., accepted 18.8% from the total 19,000 applicants. Meanwhile University of Southern Carolina in Los Angeles, accepted 21.9% from the 35,000 applicants.

The universities that have higher admission rates are usually the larger universities and state universities. They can accept larger number of students, whether they have high or low grade point averages and test scores. University of Arizona in Tucson accepted 80% of the 23,500 applicants, University of California at Merced accepted 89% of the 16,000 applicants, and University of Oxford in Ohio accepted 80% of the 15,000 applicants.

Fortunately for many students who really did not do well in high school have opportunities of getting into universities that have 100% admission rates. These schools usually accept anyone who applies as long as the student meets the basic standards and is a high school graduate. Some of these schools include Golden Gate University in San Francisco, Weber State University in Utah, and University of Maryland in Adelphi. Be aware that just because its easy doesnt necessarily mean youre going to get a good education.

Many acceptance rates are going to change each and every year. Youre going to want to make sure that you look at some official paperwork, or even contact some colleges. While some colleges may not give you the information, by doing a little research, you may be able to find what youre looking for online by conducting a smaller search.

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