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By David Faulkner

A hunter is completed only when he has a mace, which makes his prey readily available for him. He can never be complete without a complete set of artillery. His search ends with Double Bull Blinds. These enable a hunter to hunt his prey with ease, no matter he is using a rifle or a crossbow. Double Bull blinds have extra ordinary characteristics which makes a hunter an authentic hunter with a range of options to be followed in a case of emergency. These blinds are made in such a way that they completely fulfill all needs of a hunter and also provide a sense of security and mental satisfaction.

Advantages of Double Bull blinds

Double Bull blinds is a unique and different as compared to the simple blind in many respects like it has an orifice from which a hunter can fire his prey as well as look for his prey. What a great help it provides to locate the prey as well as identify any danger if exist. Orifice of blinds has a special net which makes them more useful and efficient in performance. Even the cleverest and fastest of the preys cannot detect arrow shoots because these blinds are specially built with a different channel for firing of arrows or bullets without making any noise which helps the hunter in quietly attacking the prey. Before the prey comes to know that its life is in danger, it’s already at the hunter’s mercy. In this way Double Bull blinds are perfect for a perfect hunt.Double Bull has an incredible line of durable yet lightweight blinds.


Double bull blinds were innovated by redefining the term ground blind. Earlier they were ground blinds that were immovable, or erecting portable commercial blinds that were alarmingly unnatural. There had to be a superior alternative to beating the discriminating eyes and ears of wild animals.

These blinds have another amazing characteristic. They also act as climatic guard blinds. When you go for a hunt, climate can change anyhow. It can be extremely stormy, dusty or even rainy. In that case for a hunter it can prove a really difficult problem to cope up with. Double Bull blinds can be used at any time of the year and in any climatic condition with full efficiency. These blinds do not get disclosed to environmental conditions and at the same time these blinds cover large areas. These blinds can be carried easily to any place because of their light weight. For many hunters a most important quality of the blind is its portability. They should be light enough that the hunter can move easily from spot to spot as is required to continue the chase.

Double Bull blinds are easy to install. There is nothing too typical in putting it up in perfect position and then using it. They take very little time to come in a position ready to use. These blinds are made in such a design that makes them portable and easy to carry over shoulder while running after or tracking around the prey. These blinds are also provided with a carrying container to solve the problems of a person further.

Careful Selection

Double Bull Blinds are available in different sizes in market placed according to the needs of a hunter. They are well designed and manufactured to meet all the needs. They are so versatile with their range of action. While purchasing a Double Bull Blind, certain things should be kept in mind so as to reap even better results. The first and foremost requirement is its size and the material its made up with. Double Bull Blinds should be of optimum measurements in order to enhance calm and ease of hunter. For more info see on Basswood Blinds.

It should be large enough in size so that the hunter can park himself on it without any difficulty. Double Bull Blinds are high quality products which makes your outlay a one time investment. So be careful while purchasing a Double Bull Blind. Not only that because of the quality of the manufacture, it is unlikely that you will ever need another such blind in your hunting lifetime.

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