Feng Shui Decorating Essential Details You Must Know


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Feng Shui Decorating – Essential Details You Must Know


Tyler Branson

It may be a little tricky to say Feng Shui decorating but its concepts are easy to understand. This decorating style is one of the most popular techniques in home decoration. It is simpler as it involves merely rearranging your furniture pieces to create a pleasant living space. Here we will give you a better understanding of the nature and benefits of Feng Shui decorating.

Decorating your home through this concept allows you to invite positive energy inside your living space to achieve happiness and serenity. While its applications in interior decorating are recent here, its first recorded application was around 4000 BC in China. While this may make it seem obsolete, the practices associated with it are still relevant today when used properly.


The first key in placing your furniture for the best Feng Shui benefits is to ensure that you are not blocking or distorting the flow of Chi. The best way to do this is to make sure that furniture and accessories are not crammed into spaces, and that all of your items have proper room to breathe. This includes all sides of your furniture, and is why it is important that all chairs, couches and beds have proper flow all the way around them by elevating them. You must put all your furniture pieces so every piece is seen from the entrance, and in case there is no view of the entry, you can put a mirror to redirect the ray of sunlight.

When you are placing pictures in your home, make sure that the frames are not above eye level. Another thing, assure that huge photos or portraits are well-positioned above the bigger furnishings too. These rules also apply to mirrors and any form of custom or generic artwork. If your pictures are of loved ones, then these should be placed in the furthest right corner from the entry of any room, which is identified as the love sector. Another reminder,photos that will be be in the bedroom must be of the room owner, himself.

Many people neglect to embrace Feng Shui decorating cures because they mistakenly believe that to enhance your life using these strategies is both complicated and expensive. This is not the case as usually it means tidying and re arranging your existing belongings. Although these procedures are easy, using them to decorate your home can create good health and fortune for all its residents and everyone who enters it!

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