Hd Dvd Recorder Vs. Blu Ray

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By Smiley Webb

When the home video format of choice changed from VHS to DVD, it was a rough change for consumers whose existing tape collection slowly became obsolete. Well, that’s not the case with this format, since all Blu-ray players are capable of playing back standard DVDs. Also, every Blu-ray player is an upconverting DVD player, however the benefits from upconversion are still minimal. The bottom line is that all your existing DVDs will play in your new Blu-ray player.

Superior resolution is a big part of what makes Blu-ray look great. This means you’ll see a more detailed image: more clearly defined strands of hair, wrinkles in clothing, and so on. The technical difference is that Blu-ray’s maximum resolution is 1,920×1,080 (1080p), while DVD is limited to 720×480 (480p). Beyond resolution, Blu-ray also uses better video-compression methods, resulting in more contrast and richer colors. Blu-ray looks even better than the HD from your cable or satellite provider. It has the highest-quality video format available today, If you have a good-performing HDTV it can even have better picture quality than movies at the local movie theater.

HD DVD discs can also store new super-high-resolution digital audio formats designed specifically to take advantage of the HD discs’ extra capacity (15GB to 30GB, compared to 4.7GB to 8.5GB for standard DVD). These Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS-HD soundtracks offer improved bit rates, lossless compression, and 7.1 channels of audio tracks, providing the potential for much more realistic and lifelike sound than DVD’s Dolby Digital and DTS tracks.


When the HD DVD Recorder was released in 2006 it’s memory was limited. The first HD DVD Recorders that competed with Blu-Ray discs allowed the user to burn as much as 230 minutes of media in HD DVD. Burning media using an HD DVD recorder is much the same as recording video on a VCR.

Blu-Ray DVD’S are gaining popularity in the market today. Nothing compares to Blu-Ray technology except the HD DVD recorder. Like Blu-Ray, the HD DVD Recorder can also store your favorite movies or programs and compress them on discs. You can save huge libraries of movies and tv programs for future use.

Some folks prefer HD DVD Recorders over Blu-Ray, However they are not as in demand as Blu-Ray. So far in June of 2010 Blu-Ray has dominated the market of HD. Also the Blu-Ray competition the HD DVD R is expensive. When it was first released in 2006 the HD Recorder had a price tag in the thousands. However manufacturers have lowered the cost and increased the value. You can pick up recordable media now for much less than when DVD Recorders and Blu-Ray were released to the public, The cost of the Maxell BD-RE DVD Rewritable 25 GB (1pc.) Disc is around $14 USD. This is comparable to the SONY BD-R BLU-RAY DISC media which ranges from $10 – $45 USD for a 25GB (1 pc.) Disc.

Even though HD DVD R sales are considerably less than Blu-Ray sales the manufacturers are still developing HD DVD Recorders especially since we the consumers are demanding more clarity when it comes to the media that we watch.

As of 2010 they are continuing to create comparable HD DVD R’S to the Blu-Ray that is more consumer friendly and affordable as well.

W. Webb enjoys writing and sharing articles on topics concerning hd dvd recorders Please visit http://www.hddvdrecorder.org for much more on HD DVD R, Blu-Ray, HDMI, HD TV and much more.

About the Author: W. Webb enjoys writing and sharing articles on topics concerning hd dvd recorders Please visit


for much more on HD DVD R, Blu-Ray, HDMI, HD TV and much more.



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