Materials That Can Be Obtained Via Junk Car Recycling In Rochester, Mn


byAlma Abell

In recent years, companies have gone from charging for accepting junk cars to paying to get as many as they can. This is because the demand for scrap metal and other materials has greatly increased, and in turn, this has increased the market value of the substances. Companies now scramble to get enough to meet the demand. Junk car recycling in Rochester, MN makes a wide variety of substances available for sorting and resale. These materials include:


This is the most obvious component of a car, and in most models, it’s also the most abundant. With each car, hundreds of pounds of this material can be recovered. The body isn’t the only thing on a car that’s made of steel. Various brackets and other parts yield several more pounds of it.



Many car engines are made of aluminum. While they are lighter than their old iron counterparts, they still provide a few hundred pounds of the material. Aluminum can also be gleaned from minor parts such as windshield wiper frames and similar components.


If the battery is still in the car, it provides a decent amount of lead. This lead is typically recycled for use in new batteries, solder, and similar items.

Plastic and Vinyl

The newer the car, the more plastic it generally contains. Plastic dashboard components, steering wheel parts, vinyl seats, and certain under-the-hood components are worth money whether they are melted down to make new plastic or shredded for use as fillers.


Older cars often have cast iron blocks or even entire engines. An engine with this construction will yield hundreds of pounds of iron in one shot.


Old tires are surprisingly valuable since new techniques are allowing them to be used in more products than ever before. A set of old tires can be ground up and used as mulch, structural support aids, and more. They can also be shredded into strips for use as doormats, garden boot cleaners, and other unique items.

As this shows, a junk car isn’t junk at all in the eyes of a recycler. Instead, junk car recycling in Rochester MN is a good way for companies to make enough money to be able to pass on some of the profits to those who need to get rid of old vehicles.