New Technology In Home Security Systems

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Times have changed and now high tech security systems are available for homeowners everywhere and they are now more affordable than ever. Other factors that make them affordable is that homeowners insurance companies give discounts of as much as 20% to homeowners that have security systems installed in their homes. Because more and more people are having these high tech systems installed in their homes, home buyers are now expecting them to be there when they purchase a home, so having a security system installed in a home will directly impact positively on the value of the home. The technology has advanced so far that a basic system now is what an advanced system was just ten years ago and the cost on that system is more affordable then ever before. There are a few required components that make up a basic home or business security system and they are what is needed to detect an intruder and ward them off unless it is a silent system that notifies local authorities or a monitoring agency. The control panel is the central computer or the heart of the system and it is where all of the basic functions are handled from. One new form of technology that has recently been developed is voice recognition technology, that allows a business or homeowner to turn on or off a security system with one button and their voice command. A basic system will also have a key pad for operating the system and giving it its commands.Motion detectors are also part of a basic system now and it wasn’t that long ago that they were too expensive for the average homeowner. Of course door contacts are also an important component of any basic home security system and they should go on any entrances to the building. Unless it is a silent system, it should also include an interior siren that will sound off when the system is tripped, which will startle and disorient any intruders and let them know that the police are on the way. Signs and decals are something that have always been a basic component of an effective security system and they work to deter any would be intruders. It is important to remember that an effective security system should begin to deter intruders before they have entered the premises and that is the purpose of signs and decals. It is important to remember that these are components of a basic system and that the technology is readily available for far more elaborate security systems and that it is more affordable then it ever has been before.