Should You Consider Hiring Dog Bite Lawyers In Saint Paul?

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June, 2015 byadmin

When a dog bites someone, serious injuries can result. Dog bites can leave behind permanent debilitation and scarring. Those who are injured by a dog need to know their rights for pursuing the owner for compensation. Protecting an injured person’s rights starts with hiring dog bite lawyers in Saint Paul. A lawyer can assist his client in pursuing a claim through whatever means necessary to reach a settlement.

The lawyer will first meet with the injured person to discuss the bite and how it occurred. The lawyer will want to see police reports and medical records. An investigation will begin to ensure the lawyer has all of the evidence needed to pursue a case in small claims court. The lawyer will need to prove these key areas:

  • The defendant owns the dog.
  • The defendant’s dog bit the plaintiff.
  • The bite occurred while the plaintiff was in a public place.
  • The dog bite caused measurable damages.

With the help of dog bite lawyers in Saint Paul, injured parties can learn more about their rights for pursuing a claim. Working with a lawyer can make the process much easier. An injured dog bite victim can pursue compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering, scarring, permanent damages, medical bills, lost wages and emotional distress.

A lawyer will assist his client in understanding what steps need to be taken to receive fair compensation. If the dog owner refuses to pay for the damages his dog caused, a lawyer will work to pursue a case through trial. A trial is heard before a judge and jury with the jury being responsible for making the final decision on whether or not the dog owner is held liable. If found liable, the owner will be responsible for paying a compensation award to the plaintiff. Visit website to know more about the professional dog bite lawyers in Saint Paul.

To learn more about your rights when a dog bites you, contact the Rutzick Law Offices. They will meet with you and discuss your options for pursuing compensation. Call them today and allow them to schedule you an appointment so you can get started on receiving the fair compensation you deserve.