Sizing Of A Complete Wheel Chair


Sizing of a Complete Wheel Chair


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A wheel chair is a medically-certified sitting tool with wheels that make the mobility of patients and critically ill people possible from one place to another. So, it becomes necessary that the chair you select should be fit to use ensuring the high level of comfort and relaxation to end users. Whether it is a manually-operated or electronically-operated, the thing that matters the most in all sorts of chairs is right size as it is the basis of the comfort and functionality of the wheelchair user. The size of a medical supply shows the dimensions of seat. Choosing the right and accurate size wheelchair always plays an important role because the perfect size makes end users feel happy and contended.

The accurate size of a chair makes it complete and useful for end users. A quality product always overcomes the expectations of end users. An end user will face a lot of difficulties if size of the chair is too wide or too short. The narrow size will force end users feel inconvenient because of the pushing of outer thighs against the armrests of the wheelchair. Even a wide sized chair will not allow end users sit properly causing him or her discomfort. An inappropriate size can deteriorate the physical condition of the patient by adding rashes, bruises and wounds to skin in extreme cases. So, determining the width of seat becomes equally important for the makers of the chair and the end users.


The first step that makers need to check is to determine the width of the seat matching to width of patients hips while sitting so that they don t face any problems in making moves possible. It is quite clear that the seat width of the chair should be as close as possible without causing pressure on the user\’s hips. The makers should give special preference to the size of chairs made for children or adults or old considering their comfort and mobility needs. The higher or the lower price of chairs depends upon the odd and even size of chairs. The odd sizes of chairs are such as 15\”, 17\”, 19\”, etc. The regular sizes of seat width of chairs are like 14\”, 16\”, 18\”, etc.

If you are interested in knowing more about wheelchairs, wheelchair ramp and standard wheelchairs, go to the Internet and find various websites showing information on the size of chairs that are ideal for different patients.

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