The Benefits To Cpa’s And Their Clients In Offering R&Amp;D Tax Credit Services

Research And Development Consultancy

R&D Tax Credits can be an advantageous offering for any CPA firm dealing with Corporate clients. Historical R&D tax recoveries have ranged from $50,000 to well over 3 million dollars for many qualified small to mid- sized US firms. These are recoveries that these companies were unaware they were even entitled to yet very few CPA firms offer R&D tax credit services. Why is that?The main reason Paradigm Partners has encountered is that most CPA’s simply don’t think their clients will be eligible for tax credits. They don’t envision their clients are “hi-tech” enough to benefit. It is unfortunate that this restricting perception of qualifying activities of R&D based on past Governmental regulations can prevent your clients from realizing a potentially substantial cash infusion.Another hurdle preventing many CPA’s from offering the credit is knowledge. The complexity in performing an R&D feasibility study and initiating a recovery can be be a very complex and involved undertaking requiring specialized knowledge and expertise.

Paradigm Partners offers ongoing regular webinars to help CPA firms keep abreast of the latest developments in R&D Tax credits. Some of the topics we cover in our webinars are;

Discover that you may have more clients that qualify than you initially may have anticipated; Discover a potentially substantial new revenue source; Discover an exciting new marketing tool and service to offer new and prospective clients; Discover ways to uncover previously unrealized cash/credit benefits that can be used to encourage your companies and clients business expansion; Learn what activities qualify for the R&D credit; Learn what expenses are considered to be qualified expenditures; Learn the nuances of calculating the R&D credit; Learn how to properly meet the IRS strict standards for reviewing the credit while preparing the R&D study for your client; and Get a general overview of some of the existing State R&D credits.

Many CPA firms decide the requisite investment in education and time may be unjustified due to their size of their qualified corporate client base. In this case we are able to act as a third party outsourced provider and work alongside our CPA alliance partners.

Whether you decide to provide R&D services yourself or outsource to a third party, Paradigm Partners can help. To further explore the benefits of the R&D tax credit program and arrange to attend our next webinar (CPE credit eligible) please contact Rob Edwards at or visit for more info.