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In the arena of textile industries and manufacturing industries, a high degree of precision and accuracy is required to be maintained. The industrial machines used should be of high quality, precision and specifications. The major machines used are the thread rolling machines that are of different types according to their make and design.

In basic model of thread rolling machines there is a movable die that reciprocates back and forth relative to a stationary die in order to form threads on the shanks of fastener blanks which are fed successively between the dies. Such a machine forms threads on many different types and sizes of blanks. It is thus often changed over at frequent intervals to accommodate different blanks. It involves changing the dies and also the several set up adjustments in order to place the thread forming elements of the dies in proper longitudinal alignment. It is also required for the proper transverse spacing, squeeze angle and taper angle between the dies. Hence there was a need to invent a new and improved technology based machines. Presently, in the modern textile industry the adjustments in these machines are made automatic with fewer errors and the entire die set up adjustments is made to the stationary die. A unique mounting procedure and arrangement of the die carrying members is also available.


In this modern and hi tech era the flat thread rolling dies are made in pairs consisting of one moving die and another stationary die. These are made of D2 material, Mild Steel, High Tensile Steel and Stainless Steel. D2 tool steel is an air hardening, high-carbon, high-chromium tool steel with extremely high wear resisting properties. It is very deep hardening and free from size change after proper treatment. This high chromium content gives it mild corrosion resisting properties in the hardened condition. These dies are of two types viz duplex type and simplex type. The former is provided with threads on both sides. When one side is worn out, the other side can be used. While the latter one is provided with threads of fine pitch on single side only & can be used on fast moving machines.

Thread Rolling of all type of Automotive, Industrial, Structural and General purpose types follow this same technology. Dies of thread rolling machines of make SASPI, WATERBURY FARREL, NKW, NISSAI, Ingram tic etc are made as per the requirement and the given specification of the job work. Dies are also made for Bolt makers machines. Flat Dies are manufactured on the latest CNC machines maintaining the dimensional accuracies.

A wide range of thread rolling Flat dies, gimlet point dies, taper point and knurling dies.

are available for “AB”, “A” Type self tapping screws, such as wood screw, high-low screw, chipboard screw, drywall screw, and lag bolts etc. In every part of manufacturing and an in-house heat-treatment process, a high degree of quality is assured by stringent quality checks. The quality control mechanism enables one to meet the specification of ISO standard.

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