Intel’s Mobile Bottleneck

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By Christina Xia

Not long ago, chip giant Intel has done a series of two large-scale acquisitions: to 7.68 billion U.S. dollars of high-priced acquisition of security software maker McAfee, then spent 1.4 billion acquisition of Infineon’s Wireless Solutions Division, which is near Intel, the largest in recent years has made two acquisitions case.

Intended to move

If you look carefully, you will find from these two acquisitions are related to the mobile market. If only to PC security issues, Intel does not seem necessary to spend such a high price for acquisition of a difference with their core Xinpianyewu million miles from the security company, estimated that Intel for high prices is because the two previous acquisitions McAfee Inc. (TrustDigital and tenCube), the two companies for mobile phones and other mobile platforms to provide security services.

Acquisition of Infineon’s Wireless Solutions sector is even more straightforward: the design of this sector baseband and RF chips used not only by Apple’s iPhone, as well as Samsung, LG and other big phone makers to use.


Both soft and hard by a big acquisition, Intel is clearly in the mobile market into a very big bets, and the reason why the development of merger and acquisition, rather than their own way, also because in this market, Intel has encountered a bottleneck.

First of all, computing equipment, allow me to use the word, because I really do not know what more suitable words to express PC, mobile phones, automotive processors with a variety of computer summary. Desktops to laptops in the transfer process, Intel and retaken the initiative, in addition to their processors more competitive, but also with Intel leading the Wifi large area not unrelated to success – Intel’s Centrino processor will be integrated into the Wifi communication module, able to notebook manufacturers to provide more integrated, more complete solution processor.

And more from the notebook to the process of small computing devices, Intel has once again almost made it: it introduced the Internet in this once popular, accounting for the vast majority of computing devices 7-10 inch market.

Power bottleneck

However, Intel’s expansion to the mobile market experiencing a bottleneck soon. Since the Intel chips do, so any mobile computing device, we need three kinds of chips: the first is the baseband chip to deal with aspects of mobile communication protocols; the second is the RF chip to deal with antenna problems, we can the previous two categories are classified as mobile communications chip; third is the application processor to handle complex calculations, this is Intel’s strengths.

First talk about the application processor. Although the application processor is Intel’s strengths, but it was in the PC area, to mobile devices, the same strong-power Intel processors became a problem. Internet not so favored the latter part of the reason, and because of the Intel Atom processor power consumption is still too large to be one day without charge, which is often the most basic requirements of mobile users.

Therefore, the use of ARM architecture, lower power consumption of mobile devices, such as Qualcomm’s intelligence in this, especially after the release of Apple’s iPad, they can do it all day, without exception, without charge, at once occupied the line of the market.

Communication bottleneck

Besides mobile communications chips. Like the original, in promoting the success of the same Wifi , Intel hope that this communication technologies that they can control, so could it easier to Yidongtongxin modules integrate it into their processors, which, Jiu Xiang’s Centrino processor as the original.

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