Devising An Effective International Tax Planning Strategy

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Devising an Effective International Tax Planning Strategy


Josep Guardiola

Systems of taxation vary among countries, making generalization difficult. Specifics are intended as examples, and relate to particular countries and not broadly recognized multinational rules. Taxes may be levied on varying measures of income, including but not limited to net income under local accounting concepts, gross receipts, gross margins (sales less costs of sale), or specific categories of receipts less specific categories of reductions.

The tax is imposed on the residents of a particular country earning an income and residing in that country, both as an employee and as self-employee, engaged business operations to make profits and corporations and commercial organizations based in that country, commercial organizations and foreign-based corporations but engaged in business operations to make profits within the territories of that country.


Thereby, it is important that you understand the tax related laws and rules of your home country as well as of the new country, where you are planning to settle. In addition, you will need to focus more towards international tax planning.

Offshore tax strategy is not necessarily as daunting as it may seem. An experienced corporate tax-planning advisor will guide you through all the required steps. It is important to consider different options and such as advisor should assist you do this and develop a suitable strategy. Your strategy should be formed with full awareness of the advantages or benefits, as well as disadvantages, and risks, of each the different options available to you.

An effective, well-structured international tax planning can legally benefit an international business in a number of areas. It can be a complex process, especially when multiple jurisdictions are involved. There are a number of fundamental issues to consider before deciding on an optimum strategy.

In order to carry on an international tax planning appropriately, an organization needs to develop a sound global tax strategy that helps in catering to global business objectives. The process begins with setting up a consolidated understanding of an enterprise\’s business and financial condition, its international operating strategy and where and how it plans to function. With these relevant inputs an international tax consultant can assist a company to come up with an overall global tax strategy that is practicable and has sound business sense. Global tax planning for certain cases can be approached in a compact manner considering the organization\’s broader global tax and operating strategies.

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