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Roman Blinds are simple window blinds or screens of soft furnishing fabrics that are rich in material and exude a lot of feel-changing warmth to the room. They are versatile; have unique textures and effortlessly blend into just any surrounding, providing a contemporary look with an elegant and sophisticated style that enhances the beauty of any interior space. A combination of warm and versatile colours and materials, these pieces of soft furnishing fabrics also come with simplicity of operation.

Days of distress for the Roman blinds are over! No more are they considered old-fashioned, frumpish or anything equally derogatory; of late, there has been a delightful revival and its a new approach with bright, cheerful and ethereal colour schemes in materials that are both light and durable that brought them back.

The Roman blinds blend into the surroundings if they are chosen correctly. They are made from a single, flat piece of fabric that folds-up or folds down in the accordion style when the attached string is pulled. It raises and lowers the blind, thus controlling the intensity of light inside the room and also, to a great extent, the temperature. This is applicable all the more if the blinds are lined with some kind of insulation. But a Roman blind gives you something more that other window fittings dont; when raised it will provide a decorative look that will adorn not just the windows but add to the look of the entire room. Simply put, Roman blinds make your room appear graceful!


Roman blinds come in two distinct styles:

Flat (also called classic): The flat Roman blinds are simple fabric panels that are laid flat against a window. They form neatly-stacked folds resembling that of an accordions when raised, offering a clean and uncluttered look. Fully extended, flat roman shades appear as a smooth and solid piece of fabric with easily visible pleats. Flat roman shades are good for large-sized windows and allow no light when unfolded and therefore, create some very dramatic patterns.

Hobbled (also known as looped): The hobbled Roman Blinds Ringwood retain the soft, overlapping folds (loops) even when fully extended, thus creating a flowing, cascade-like look and closely resembles the looks of drapery.

You may further enhance the look of the Roman Blinds Dandenong by getting the bottoms (which can also be curved i.e. European style) embellished. It will be gathering vertically in the middle in that case while the bottom will spread out like a fan. Tassels or fringe, even beads can be used as the bottom trims.

So choose from an array of colours and textures, designs and fabrics; theres a wide choice ranging from classic weaves to bold, colour prints. Just make sure theres a neutral colour-backing to maintain a consistent, outside view of the house.

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