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Decorative Lamps And Lighting


Lauren TylerWhen it comes to lighting – it’s not always about functionality.Lighting can be fun, and decorative lighting more so. Just look at Christmas tree lights and how much fun is to be had decorating the tree, with all its tinsel and lights.The thing about using lighting for decorative purposes, is that in itself, lighting is a magical thing. Not only does it look beautiful but the light it emanates is a gorgeous thing to behold.That is why we all marvel at Christmas trees when the lights are switched on for the first time. Decorative lighting adds an almost magical touch to the objects it illuminates.There are many ways you can use lighting to add that decorative touch to your home or surroundings. For starters, many table lamps and floor lamps come in a variety of styles and designs. It is possible to buy beautifully crafted decorative table lamps, perhaps adorned with hanging dew drop beads that catch the light and dazzle with reflected color.Take the traditional chandelier with all its facets and beautiful glass surfaces that glisten and sparkle so vibrantly. Chandeliers are a truly beautiful lighting fixture designed to look even better once the light source is switched on.Decorative lighting needs to be functional, to a degree, as well as being purely for ornamental purposes, otherwise it can seem a bit pointless to have.Stained tiffany glass shades are a great example of a light fixture that is both decorative and functional. A Tiffany light fitting, whether it is a Tiffany style floor lamp, decorative tiffany table lamp or tiffany hanging pendant light, is fit for a purpose. It goes beyond merely being a light source because Tiffany style light fittings are an object of beauty and are much admired for their iridescent glass coloring for one, and their infamous, bejeweled designs, whether it is the dragonfly, peacock feather or wisteria.Even with the light turned off, a Tiffany light fitting can simply serve as a purely ornamental object too.Spotlights are another form of indoor light fitting that can serve double purposes as functional lighting and decorative lighting.They can be used to illuminate specific areas of a room and yet can be deployed to cast light on an object as well. By illuminating the object from above there is no glare and the object itself is lit up by bright light.Old-fashioned antique lamps made from fabric and edged with hanging beads and supported by a fancy, adorned lamp base are another example of decorative lighting that also serves as a light source by night. The added bonus of antique style lighting fixtures is that they add a touch of glamor and grandeur, reminiscent of a bygone era, to your surroundings.

Whether you use


tiffany style table lamps


antique floor lamps

, it is not too difficult to get your lighting to both look good and provide great light.

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